USPS 2023 Mailing Promotions Announced

The Postal Service received PRC approval for the 2023 Mailing Promotions and has issued the final 2023 mailing promotion guidebooks.

Mailing promotions give mailers postage discounts depending on individual program details.

The USPS will begin accepting pre-approval requests for 2023 Promotions on December 15, 2022 through the Mailing Promotions Portal located at the Business Customer Gateway.

2023 Promotions Calendar

The enrollment period will begin in the BCG system on January 9, 2023.

Click for promotion guidebooks:

Personalized Color Transpromo

Tactile, Sensory, and Interactives

Emerging and Advanced Technology

The 2023 Informed Delivery, Reply Mail IMbA, and Retargeted Mail promotion guidebooks will be released in the near future.

The USPS has launched the Mailing Promotions Portal. Utilize the portal to submit your mailpiece samples and ask questions you may have about the Promotions.

How to Sign Up:

1. Login to the Business Customer Gateway (If you do not have a Gateway account, sign-up for one)
2. Click on Mailing Services
3. Scroll down to Mailing Promotions Portal
4. Click on “Get Access”
5. Complete the access form and click “Submit”

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