A Mail Center Without Walls

By Kenneth D. Hoyle, CPC, MCOM
Business Services Manager
Houston Community College

From the Official Mail Guide Fall/Winter 2020-21 Edition:

The Houston Community College System (HCC) in Houston, Texas, houses six District colleges citywide. The HCC geographical spans 4.5 million square feet, which includes seventy-six (76) buildings and 23 campus locations. The Administrative Mail Center location collects and processes all USPS outgoing mail for the entire 624-mile HCC system.

During these unprecedented times, the spread of COVID-19 has undoubtedly presented challenges for us all. The key to flourishing during this crisis has been adaptability and flexibility.

Here at HCC, our Facilities Division has answered the call of support for our institution by providing value added services. By working in conjunction with departments that are limited to remote assignment, mail distribution has arisen as an essential provider of services … (click to read more)

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