Lettershop Offers Automated Returned Mail Services


David Rhoa, President of Lake Michigan Mailers

Returned mail presents a logistical and operational challenge for companies with large volumes of mail. Companies often have to perform a significant amount of manual work to determine the reason that a mail piece was returned, and then make additional efforts to update address information.

Having recognized this challenge, Lake Michigan Mailers Inc. now offers a service that automates returned mail processing for its customers using an OPEX Falcon® high-capacity scanner and specialized software. Not only has this saved their labor and costs for their customers, but it has also created a new revenue stream for Lake Michigan Mailers.

Lake Michigan Mailers is a family-owned company that offers document creation, mail assembly, mail processing, presorting, data management, digital marketing, and distribution solutions to private companies, schools and universities, healthcare providers, government agencies, and other organizations worldwide … (click to read more)