OPEX Unveils New Envelopeners At MAILCOM ’19

OPEX Corporation showcased its new Series 210 Envelopener and the Series 410 Envelopener to its OMATION line of products. The video above shows the Series 410 in action.

The Series 410 is perfect for mail centers that need to open and date stamp between 200 to 2000 envelopes per day. It includes all of the features of the Series 210 plus an inkjet printer and clear operator display for selecting from various pre-set jobs. The printer enables printing of date and time audit trails as well as unique sequence numbers for traceable mail.

The Series 210 incorporates many of the same key features as its predecessor such as superior milling cutter technology that provides complete edge-to-edge opening of envelopes for easy content extraction.

Both the Series 210 and Series 410 offers models are capable of opening envelopes at up to 400 envelopes per minute.

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