Mailer Tracks Down Missing Donations: USPS Placed In Wrong Lockbox

Don Poudrier, Production Director at Production Solutions

Production Solutions manages the direct mail production for a major United States museum. Shortly after the delivery of the museum’s fall fundraising initiative, there wasn’t a single donation in the Client’s lockbox.

Something was wrong.

“We started getting scans that confirmed we should have mail in the lockbox at the USPS,” said Don Poudrier, Production Director at Production Solutions. The scans showed the USPS had at least 1,500 pieces of mail for the Client. The USPS, however, insisted there wasn’t any mail onsite at their facility.

How do you prove otherwise? Answer: using advanced data management techniques and GrayHair’s MailTrakBack to track the inbound return mail.

After inspecting GrayHair’s reports and doing some investigating, the USPS found the Client’s mail; it was in the wrong lockbox … (click to read more)