Domestic Mail Manual (DMM): Mailing Standards of the U.S. Postal Service Updated May 1, 2017

Here is the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) updated May 1, 2017 — the Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service revised January 22, 2017:

Appendix 3—Price List

100 Retail Mail Letters, Cards, Flats, and Parcels

Design Standards

102 Elements on the Face of a Mailpiece

110 Priority Mail Express

500 Additional Mailing Services

503 Extra and Additional Services

Return Receipt for Merchandise

505 Return Services

Bulk Parcel Return Service

507 Mailer Services

Address Sequencing Services

508 Recipient Services

Sexually Oriented Advertisements

509 Other Services

Nonpostal Services

700 Special Standards

703 Nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail and Other Unique Eligibility

705 Advanced Preparation and Special Postage Payment Systems

708 Technical Specifications

709 Negotiated Service Agreements

Index and Appendices


Appendix 1—Forms Glossary

Appendix 2—Summary of Changes

Appendix 3—Price List