PackRobot Debuts In WalMart


In September 2016, first Cleveron’s PackRobot package terminal was installed in the USA in WalMart’s Bentonville store.

Pictured above Cleveron CEO Arno Kütt (l) inspecting its first PackRobot at a Walmart location together with Bell and Howell CEO Ramesh Ratan.

Located in the store’e entrance, PackRobot stores online purchases for in-store pickup. Customers are given a number to enter at the kiosk and the PackRobot delivers the goods like a vending machine.


The unique aspect of the system is that storage areas for packages adjust to the actual dimension of the package, thereby maximizing storage space.

WalMart is testing the system and evaluating customer feedback. PackRobot has applications in College and University mail centers, apartment complexes, corporate mail distribution, and retail.

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