AccuDocs Stops Inserting, Now Inveloping

Eliminates Preprinted Stock, Makes Envelopes On The Fly With Inveloper Finishing Systems

AccuDocs offers its healthcare clients the ability to create unique customer communications — but does this without preprinted paper and no envelopes stock.
The company works with 25 healthcare systems across the U.S. that make up about 150 hospitals and about 3,000 physician practices.

One of the biggest challenges it faces when printing and processing statements for healthcare industry customers is accuracy and mailpiece integrity. Add to that the handling of more than 3 million pieces of mail a month, and any operation can quickly find itself overwhelmed.

“Each of our clients is unique in how they want their communication to their patient and we don’t have any parameters around what they can and cannot do,” said Robb Cass, President, AccuDoc Solutions (below).


Robb Cass, President, AccuDocs Solutions

“Basically if they can give us the information we can display it back on the bill exactly like they want.”

This meant keeping large inventories of preprinted paper and preprinted envelopes, which would be printed and inserted in traditional fashion. But now AccuDocs has eliminated preprinted stock and envelopes and instead relies on just one paper and one envelope input roll with the Inveloper Finishing System from Bell and Howell.

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Above, preparing the Inveloper finishing system for processing. Below, Mark Freeze, General Manager, AccuDocs Solutions


“The more customers you have, the more varied your stock has to be. It can quickly turn into an inventory nightmare,” said Mark Freeze, General Manager, AccuDocs Solutions (above). “We were very intrigued with the fact that this machine made its own envelopes and basically wraps the envelope around the bills instead of inserting them.”

The Inveloper has been a gamechanger. Mail is printed and processed more rapidly and changeover in print and graphics is the fastest in the industry. Printing on both sides of the roll is possible.

At 30,000 pieces an hour, the Inveloper has realized a 400% gain over the previous system. it handles not only AccuDoc’s volume requirements but also reduces cost and waste, and improves efficiency.


Mark Freeze (left) and Robb Cass (right) watch the Inveloper system perform with Bell and Howell’s Pete Jones.

Most importantly, the mailpiece is of better quality.

“We had great quality before, but this is just more enhanced,” said Cass. “It is a much better quality piece of material that’s coming out at the end.”

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